April 30, 2021

Trying this out….again

So this would be my……7th attempt at a blog. I’ve published several over the years, with sadly each of them was always hacked and my content lost of deleted. I figured I would give this one last go before finally saying f@%$ it and being done with the medium completely.

So what should you expect from this site? Definitely don’t plan to be impressed. lol I typically only wrote about things I was interested in, from book and politics to tech and geeky stuff. I may even throw in a short story or two. As a fan of all music genres, I tend to use the titles of songs as the title of a post. Generally the song meant something to me on a personal level, or it’s my way of suggesting a song to you, the reader

Either way I always appreciate any feedback you may have, just be polite when critiquing.

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